3D printing is a process which creates a physical model from a digital 3D model.

3D printing expands and complements the capacity of traditional manufacturing methods such as machining, casting and mold injection. The production of physical models has been significantly shortened with the introduction of 3D printing, which allows us to check the designs in progress and implement the development findings before printing the next versions.
3D printing excels in producing small quantities, manufacturing prototypes for industrial sectors such as engineering, automotive and aerospace industry.

  • a price quote and fast manufacturing of affordable prototypes based on your 3D data. Our printers preferably work with format files. STL, which guarantee the high quality of the final models. However, the 3D data can be sent in CAD software.
  • Expert advice concerning material or model modifications
  • Availability of a large number of materials (ABS, PLA, composite materials, etc.) coming in different colours.

We provide excellent customer service - individual approach, professional machining service, fast fabrication and delivery.

KUMMER s.r.o. - 3D printing
KUMMER s.r.o. - 3D printing

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