The EDM is a technology in which the material is removed by small electrical discharges between the workpiece and the electrode in the dielectrics. This technology allows us machine very hard materials of a complex shape with high precision and quality surface.

Which materials can be machined electroerosively?
Basically, all materials with a minimum electrical conductivity 0.01 S/cm can be machined by wire cutting, no matter how hard the machined material is. This includes almost all metals and alloys, steel powder metallurgy, hard metals, but also various conductive ceramics and polycrystalline diamonds on a suitable conductive substrate. In general, the more homogeneous material, the more suitable for wire cutting of EDM.

The use of wire machining is suitable for mould and die making, but also for medical and aviation technology. It is machining of high-precision components with enormous geometrical complexity, linear components, quality surface components and the smallest filings suitable for all technological sectors.

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The electroerosive excavation is performed on a stupor, where an electrode excavates the shape into the workpiece. We machine very complex shapes, drill holes and threads with high precision.


The electrode is the wire in 0, 25mm diameter tensioned and accurately routed. The wire slowly unwinds and the cut is continuously washed with deionized water. Both shoulders holding the wire are independently programmable, which allows us to perform complex bevel cuts.

Cutters: X and Y/400 and 300 mm, U and V/120 and 120 mm, Z/250 mm

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