Metal engraving is of the most sophisticated ways to place a text on a metal item using laser technology

The laser beam can evaporate a small layer of the engraved material, its coating or other surface creating the desired engraving.

The laser technology is highly precise, 1mm high letter will be clearly readable and indelible. Any engraving is chemically and thermally resistant and cannot be removed without damaging the surface. Engraving is a suitable substitute for mechanical stamping, milling or engraving.

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Specified documents are required for the purpose of the contract, all modifications will be agreed on before the machining process.
Please, supply data in the format: CDR (Corel DRAW X6 or older),. pdf,. ai,. EPS ( if you supply designs in curves, you can avoid complications and extra costs for graphics).
Please, attach a preview in the format:. jpg,. pdf,. bmp,. pdf.

KUMMER s.r.o. - engraving
KUMMER s.r.o. - engraving

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