Precision CNC machining in single piece, small series up to series production is the core production activity of Kummer Ltd.
Our latest CNC machines precisely manufacture aluminium, dural and steel materials.

  • Machining of aluminium, stainless steel and steel materials
  • Production of prototypes, piece and series production
  • Production of single parts up to complete assemblies
  • Sophisticated machines with flexible production
  • High precision in accordance with ISO standards and certifications

We specialize in machining of small and medium-sized parts on advanced three-, four-, five-axis CNC machines.

KUMMER s.r.o. - CNC machining

The CNC machines we use can perform machining to size X/Y/Z – 1020 mm/610 mm/610 mm. Surface finishing and heat treatment to machined parts can be also handled in-house.
We are happy to solve machining technology, design and manufacture of suitable clamping jigs to your exact requirements.

We provide excellent customer service - individual approach, professional machining, fast track fabrication and delivery.

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